Ham is typically sold in one of three conditions:

1) Fully cooked

2) Partially cooked

3) Uncooked

Despite the fact that the cooking procedures are comparable, there are contrasts between a completely cooked and an in part cooked or uncooked ham. For instance, a completely cooked ham ought to be cooked to an inside temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while a halfway cooked or uncooked one ought to be cooked to an inner temperature of 160 degrees.

The guidelines underneath are gathered into areas for completely cooked and mostly or uncooked hams. –

Simmering or Baking- – Fully Cooked

There are three fundamental sorts of completely cooked ham:

1) Wet restored or City Ham

2) Spiral cut

3) Canned hams

Remember that a completely cooked ham doesn’t require cooking; it very well may be eaten with no guarantees. Be that as it may, cooking it can draw out the kinds of its own juices. The flavor can likewise be upgraded by including different fixings during the preparing procedure. A completely cooked ham ought to be cooked to an interior temperature of 140 degrees.

Winding Sliced Ham

This sort is pre-prepared and doesn’t require cooking. Notwithstanding, if the ham is to be served warm spot it in aluminum foil, chop side down and include around ½ cup of water. Wrap ham firmly in aluminum foil and cook at 275º-300º. Permit 10 to 14 minutes for each pound cooking time. Ham might be expelled from stove when inward temperature arrives at 135º. Permit to sit in foil for a couple of moments until the interior temperature arrives at 140º.

Canned Ham

Spot the ham in a shallow cooking dish, revealed. Prepare at 325º. Permit 15 to 20 minutes for every pound cooking time.

Wet Cured (City) Ham

This ham might be cooked either secured or revealed.


Trim any abundance skin and fat. Try not to cut back off all the excess as that is the thing that delivers the juices and flavor. Spot ham in a simmering container, whenever cut, place chop side down. Spread with aluminum thwart and heat at 325 degrees. Permit 15 to 18 minutes for every pound for entire hams and 18 to 24 minutes for each pound for half hams. Coatings, whenever utilized, ought to be applied during the most recent thirty minutes of cooking.


Follow headings for secured ham, aside from don’t cover with foil. Utilize same cooking temperatures and times. Apply coat over the most recent 30 minutes of cooking.

Broiling or Baking Partially Cooked or Uncooked Ham

These hams are characterized as Dry-Cured (Country) ham or Wet-Cured (City) Ham types. Keep in mind, paying little heed to the sort, these hams ought to be cooked to an inside temperature of 160 degrees.

Dry-Cured (Country) Ham

These hams should be washed and drenched for as long as three days before cooking. Follow the name headings on the ham for washing and drenching directions. This sort of ham can be prepared secured or revealed.


In the wake of drenching, place it in an enormous broiling skillet with 4 to 5 cups of water. In the event that the ham has a skinless side and a side with skin, put it in the broiling dish skin side up.

Spread the ham with aluminum foil or a spread. Put the ham in a preheated 375 degree stove and increment broiler temperature to 500º and cook at this setting for the initial 10 minutes as it were. Following 10 minutes, turn the broiler off and permit the ham to set for three hours without opening the stove entryway. Walk out on to 500º again for 15 minutes. This time, the ham needs to set in the broiler, without the entryway being opened, for 6 to 8 hours. In the wake of setting, the inside temperature of the ham ought to be at any rate 160 degrees; if not, rehash the 500 degrees setting for 15 minutes and check the ham following 1 to 2 hours. Whenever wanted, brush with coat before serving.


Subsequent to splashing, place the ham in a huge simmering container with 3 cups water. Try not to cover. Put the ham in a preheated 325 degree broiler and cook until the inside temperature arrives at 160 degrees. As a guide, an entire ham will require around 18 to 20 minutes and a half ham will require around 22 to 25 minutes cooking time for every pound.

Wet-Cured (City) Ham

Utilize indistinguishable techniques from the completely cooked wet relieved hams, yet make sure to cook to an inner temperature of 160 degrees. Along these lines, the cooking time will be somewhat longer than that for a completely cooked wet ham.

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